Fat Transfer or Cool Sculpting

I saw this talk on TV about fat transfer and cool sculpting. It made me curious.

My first thought was, if I’m taking fat outta my body; why would I want to put it back in? I guess you can add to parts where you want more fat. Not really sure on the process or anything. Had to go to Pintrest for some clarification. LOL

But as I watched the TV information, it just created more questions for me. I guess that’s why one must go in for a consultation so they can answer whatever questions one might have.  As I asked myself questions, of course I just came up with more questions which is not important cause I’m not having it done so its a mute point really. But you know inquiring minds like to know and all.


So the way I understand it; they suck fat out of you and then do whatever they do, then inject it back in to where you need the fat. Like they may take it outta your ass or hips or thighs where ever, then inject it back into you boobs because you want bigger boobs.

Which kind of make sense BUT I’m thinking, wouldn’t the fat migrate back to where it came from? Do fat cells have a memory? You know what I mean?  Just a thought. For me I’m thinking if anything can go wrong, it would be with me. LOL So say I get bigger boobs from this procedure, will it last forever or will the fat tissue deflate? Perhaps forever perky hahaha fat chance right?

The info says its nonsurgical and no downtown; well hell do my whole body then! Or from the neck down anyway. LOL Oh wait this is not in my budget. I need to buy groceries. 😀 Most of my body needs this procedure, where to start?


Wow I can get fat melted away? I suppose for a price most things are possible these days. In regards to the laser melting fat procedure its relatively new field, so this is the first generation of these procedures. What’s gonna happen 20 years after, will it produce more fat, will it degenerate. I’m gonna wait another decade to see if there’s any drawbacks. I’m thinking at least it shouldn’t be making you depress or think suicidal thoughts, you know like the prescription drugs they advertise. You won’t be smoking anymore but you might wanna kill yourself now that you’ve rid yourself of a bad habit.

I think I would need the full body treatment and that’s pretty cost prohibited right now. Perhaps 10 years from now but by then what would be the point? My luck is I’d get all fixed up and walk out on the street and get run over by a truck or bus. Talk about waste of money. LOL


Amazing how all this works I wonder how many injections it would take to remove an inner tubes worth of fat? That’s 360 degrees of fat. I saw  a picture of before & after  of hands that had been injected with the fat. No more road map of veins. This made me look at my own hands and ask myself? Do I need fat injected into my hands?  No. Even though there are road maps of veins and a  scar from a bad IV that looks like an aging spot. Yes I’m sure I don’t want fat shot into me after its been taken out of me.

(pictures are from Pinterest)


Be Blessed (\O/)

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