Parizade Imadoll

True Story:

My name is  Parizade, I’m a doll. I arrived into this country in 1944, imported by  Kimport Dolls of Independence, MO.

I was listed on for the past year. After the U.S. ban of 7 Muslim countries and sanctions against Iran, I was delisted from Etsy. The reason being I am from a banned country. As of February 2017 I am not allowed to be sold on Etsy.

I am a doll. I am not an enemy of the state, country or anything. Just an old doll.

I am just an old doll who has been in this country since 1944! Now I am banned from Etsy because I am from Persia; Iran. Perhaps it is because I do not have visa. So why do I not have a Visa; because I’m  A DOLL!

Etsy has stated that the only items from Iran that are being  imported/exported are Persian Rugs and Food items. Who can afford Persian Rugs? Only people from a certain income bracket.  Food items! Food items? What; food items that could possibly contain poison, and contaminants,  spread virus, diseases?

But a doll thats been in the country since 1944, NO. Why? Because it is being dictated as to what can and cannot be sold online? How is an old doll a threat, an enemy? Are we threatened by inanimate objects but not by dictators and the powers that be?  Another one of those things that makes you say WTH!

I am Parizade, I’m a DOLL!


I have been delisted by Etsy due to my ethnic origin, even though I have been in this country since 1944!

This is my passport, my label. See my shoes. Am I threat to the country?

I am Parizade Imadoll! Our country is being undermined from the inside out. Be diligient  people. Speak out and help one another getting thru these wierdo times.  Support artist and the arts; Saturday Night Live, Treavor Noah, et al.  😀

Do not correct a fool or he will hate you; correct a wise man and he will appreciate you. ~ some wise person not me.

I am Parizade. I am a doll! I have been delisted from because of my ethnic origin. I have been in this country since 1944.


Contact store: Ka Lima Nanea   for more information.

Be Blessed (\0/)

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