I’ve not been big on exercise in the past couple of years. I use to do the gym regularly, I use to walk the track regularly. But in the past couple of years of I’ve been a total slacker. Even though I know I really need to exercise, I think it more then I do it. LOL

In December 2016 I had a test, one of that checks your circulation; forgot what its called. On my right leg I failed kind of sort of but not really. The score was border line. The nurse told me to go walk for 30 minutes. So I took a walk around the block and down the street. Got back in the office and retested. I passed! The nurse was like “now do you understand the importance of exercise?” Yes, Ma’am. 😀


If I had not passed I would have been referred to a vascular specialist. I don’t need another doctor. To me one is plenty. So since the first week of December 2016 I have been very diligent in doing at least 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Trying.

For me the hardest part of exercising is actually getting my rear in gear and out out of the house to do what needs to be done. Once  I get started I’m ok. The getting started part is the hardest. Kind of like getting out of bed.

I’ve figured out that I need to do the walking earlier then later. The later it is the more likely it is that I’d put it off and not do it. If I get it done first thing, then I don’t have to worry about doing it. Easier said then done. I try.


Did not know that, my brain chemistry is being boosted into happiness. Like Happy Hour? 🙂 I suffer from hypothyroidism & other ism’s; so brain fog makes me a little slow sometimes. But maybe not so much now that I’m walking. I try to do my walk everyday. I’ve average 6 days a week. If I miss its usually on Saturday & Sunday because I get distracted by other things and don’t time manage very well.


One of my motivations is not being referred to another doctor or prescribed any more medication. Drugs cost, I can’t afford myself.


I have muscle aches and pains especially on my right side. I figure that’s the poor circulation part or throbbing toned muscles. A work in progress.  I’d like to think I lost about five pounds. It may not sound like a lot, but in my case it is. I’ll wait for my next doctors appointment to really see if I have or not. I do know that walking works me for and I should do it more often then not.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono