Lukewarm – Am I?

via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

To me lukewarm is temperature. Water. I think of the temperature of water.  My tea, my coffee, my shower. I can’t stand it lukewarm, it needs to be hot. Hot tea, hot coffee, hot shower. Lukewarm means it’s not hardly warm either; so no lukewarm for me. Why is it just luke warm? There’s no lukecold or lukehot.

For reference I searched  ‘lukewarm’ on Pinterest. I had not heard of lukewarm people. I got all these Christian Bible-y sayings. Obviously I’m not churchy like that. I believe in God & all; that makes me Christian right? But I do not know jack about lukewarm people. I think I might be one?


As a Thyroid Cancer Survivor the above statement is true for me. As a person who has had ones throat literally cut open three times you damn straight right I think more about being here on earth than in heaven. I have learned to ‘Let Go & Let God’ and if the man wants to send me to hell then so be it. Just leave me here on earth for the longest time possible. I’m good with that.

I believe ‘my God’ is a forgiving God. So he will forgive  me for my Fkedup ways,  cussful mouth and all the heathen manners I may have. I believe I will get to hangout with my Angel friends who have preceded me and my Dad will be there ready to slap me for using foul language.

I often wonder if I’m going to hell because one of my last words on earth may be: FUCK! You know how you get into one of those close call car accidents. Ok maybe its just me; but everytime I almost get into some close call traffic altercation, I yell the F-word. If cussing is punishable by hell then I think I may be headed that way.

But ‘my God’ is forgiving , I believe that. C’mon man its just a word.


Be Blessed (\O/)

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