The Seriousness of Getting Out of Debt

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Once upon a time not to long ago I had 6 credit cards.  Three were paid off a while ago and I paid off  one just last week. Woohoo!  I now have 2 credit cards to pay off. I think one of them will out live me, its a biggy.

When I used a credit card a lot and then went cold turkey not using it; it made me miss shopping. Its a mindset. I had to set my mind to not buy stuff. I now have a prepaid credit card, which really is a debit card. No money no honey. LOL I got a prepaid debit card for online shopping. I didn’t want to use my regular debit card. When the prepaid card is zero, so is my shopping. Zero shopping, trying to get use to that.


I now understand the joy of having way less credit card debit. My shopaholic-ness has been put in check, that’s for sure. I look forward to a day of financial independence. Hope I live to see that day.

Be Blessed (\O/)

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