I am a very good binge-er. Or is that a bad thing? Well maybe bad because my ass is  getting wider sitting. I should lie down more.

I keep forgetting I have access to Amazon Prime movies. I’m either on Netflix, Hulu, Dramafever and Viki. Dramafever and Viki are foreign movies/drama. I mainly watch Korean Historical dramas. I love the costuming and jewelry. I’ve watched a few  Chinese ones but the high pitch female voice(s) bothers  my ears. Where as I find the guys with the low Barry White-like voice very attractive. 😀 Even if they look like thin anime characters sometimes.

I have stopped watching regular TV. Why watch one episode when you can wait till the end of the season and watch it all at once. I stopped watching the news because I found it depressing. Besides everything pops up on Facebook anyway. Speaking of which there is some Gawdawful stuff posted on FB; TMI  pictures & what not.


My first ever Netflix binge was Marco Polo. ❤ it.  My first Korean drama I ever watched was Queen of Seon Deok. I’ve been hooked on historical K-dramas ever since. I think I’ve watched most of them so now I guess its non-historical. I watched Descendents of the Sun and ❤ that too. I like the secret agent special ops genre.   Y’all gotta go to the movies and see John Wick2 – Keanu Reeves kills it in every sense of the word.


Ok so back to my binge-ing.  I think thats why I didn’t write yesterday, hypnotised to the drama.  🙂

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono