I  am really good at putting stuff off. Because I was raised by someone who felt being ’15 minutes early means you are late’; I always felt  really guilty when I’m late.

I once was rarely late for whatever I’m suppose to be on time for. Now I have an attitude about being late. So I’m late.  Well not really, but I’m way less feeling guilty about it. I’m late and it can’t be changed, I’m sorry. I’ll be better. Maybe. 😀

With me, attitude has come with age. I don’t remember being this way. Or maybe I was in denial. Its that so-what kind of attitude. Lateness use to bother me, now it doesn’t.


Yeah I think so; I do start late and I do look different and am sorta but not really successful. But I’m okay with it cause I don’t care. 😀


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono