People Watching

I love people watching. I don’t mean to be but it’s hard not to be yeah can you say “judgemental” – in a good way. The thoughts are all in my head, I don’t share them out loud or with anyone; except if you count this. LOL

I am sitting at a National conference of which I will not mention it’s name, at a place I won’t say either. I’m incognito like that. And for all you know I may be writing fiction but not really.

Like anywhere else people are either dressed to impress or I don’t give a shit this is how I dress everyday. I myself is part of the later group. Although yesterday I wore a dress and surprisingly got a lot of compliments at the Tradeshow. I think it’s cause the dress is of vibrant colors. And for some reason most people were dressed In black or navy or  monotones or something flowery. 😍

I look at the crowd and think: People you have a job dress like it. I know I’m superficial like that. Probably because I enjoy dressing up like I think I’m the boss on a minimum salary. I see people; women mostly with that shredded torn jeans & think you paid extra for rips & holes, you could done it yourself.

This is my first time writing and observing at the same time. I wonder if people suspect I’m writing about them? Guilty conscious on my part.

I notice people’s shoes. The men wear either dress shoes or sneakers. Do people say Tenny shoes? I do but I wanted to sound hip like my kids, as if I’m in the know.

However the women wear a variety I find interesting. Its like “oh those are cute, wonder where she got those?” Most women are wearing flats or tenny shoes, because they know Convention Center is code for “hella walking”! Then there’s the black/brown boots gang. I wore mines yesterday. 😎 There is always the 3-Inch heels gang. You can tell who wears them all the time and the ones who don’t. Just watching some people walk you can feel their pain.

Watching people always make me wonder what is their story? Not literally or nosey like; more rhetorical yeah?

We all have many stories, some intertwine with others that create even bigger stories. Each is unique unto itself yet in a lot of instances we all share the basic love and hope for ourselves and others.

Be blessed (\O/)

Malama Pono