I spent this morning taking pictures. Just walking and sightseeing.  I was in Wannabe Photography mode. Well, if I have a camera in my hand taking pictures, I must be a Photographer. Ok I was in Photographer mode!

So I was taking pictures of some flowers. Then I saw a large black & white butterfly. It fluttered around a flower bush. Then it just sat there. I took its picture. Then I started laughing because my first thought was “Kunia!” I found it hilarious, Kunia is a small pineapple village. My childhood forever friends are originally from there. They are also forever dead now. Sandra 1953-2011, B 1953-2013 and T 1953-2015. I always thought I’d be first. We always laughed. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. 😦


After I took these pictures the butterfly flew towards me and I froze. My eyes wider then wide and I was smiling holding in my laugh. Big eye long neck. LOL The butterfly circled over my head from left to right and flew away. I let go of my laugh. 😀


I felt so blessed. I laughed more thinking about a guy being a butterfly.  It made for a great enjoyable day.

Yes their spirit will always live on.  Souls never die. Thank you visiting me you guys!

Be Blessed (\O/)

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