Bird Of Paradise

I’ve always like this flower. I find it masculine. Flower are usually thought of of as soft and frilly. The Bird of Paradise has very sharp lines and its not fluffy or soft looking. It looks hard and bright. Its not a stereotypical flower.

I think its very vibrant and photogenic. Even though they all look the same it is all different. Its same shapes and colors  look the same but each is different in its own way. Kind of like peoples. LOL


It really does look like a bird of some sort. I wonder if birds mistake theme for birds?


I love its colors. This orange and blue looks a whole lot better then Denver’s orange and blue. 😀 Flowers are very photographic especially in natural morning light. I like taking pictures in the morning, just because.



I find this plant inspiring. It inspires to take more pictures and to enjoy the moment. It makes  me to be aware of each flower in the area.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.