AKA Trash. It’s sad that where ever there is humans, there is trash. Well not everywhere but you know what I mean. I mean even on the moon they left stuff. Stuff that would have not ever have  been there if not for man.

Some places are a whole lot trashier than others. Still trash is trash and if people where more cognizant of their habits or lack of; maybe just maybe there would be less of a mess. The following pictures are taken in Long Beach. What is it called the Harbor, the Pier, Esplanade or was it the Pike? Anyway the water front. LOL  Maybe because people do live on some of the boats that there is more trash. I don’t know, every harbor I’ve seen has a large amount of trash floating around.


Why doesn’t this surprise me. I think we have all been desensitized. So what? Sad. 😦


Just took this picture because I thought of “amoebas” or germs or whatever its called. I wonder how many real germs there are in here.


There are ducks and other birds that live here. Its their habitat. Do they leave trash? Just the organic recycleable kind.




I think we all have to try a whole lot harder to not mess up Mother Nature. One day Mother Nature will bite us in the ass and just wipe stuff out and start with a clean palette.


Don’t be a LITTER BUG.


Pray Mother Nature does not decide to clean house all in one day.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


One thought on “Opala

  1. I was just thinking this today; on our road, a country kine road, some stupidheads just dumped their ʻōpala next to the road. I thought, “What do you think gives you the right to do that? What goes through your minds when you dump your rubbish on a public road? Who u tink u?”

    So much arrogance! Too lazy to take it to the dump or in their ʻōpala cans. Just leave it for somebody else to pick up. Makes me mad.

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