Red Powder Puff Flower

Calliandra haematocephala, I think; although that sounds more like a disease.  I think of this flower as da mainland lehua. Looks like lehua, yeah.

I like to go on long walks and take pictures. I can’t just take one picture of one flower, more like just take a lot of pictures. One of them will come out good. LOL



I took a lot of pictures of a bees ass. I was trying to get a picture of a bee in the flower and it wouldn’t come out of the flower. All I kept getting was a view of its behind.

Bee Butt

Finally I kind of got a picture of a bee, sort of….side view… not butt view. Not a mooning bee. 😀


I find photography very satisfying. One of those feel good things I do for me. Its even more exciting when I get home and look at the pictures and I see things I didn’t see when I was taking the picture. I like being Designated Paparazzi. ❤ It’s therapy, ain’t it?


If I could afford to make all these pictures into canvas pieces I’d just have wall to wall pictures of my own photos. LOL I love going to botanical gardens and just walk around and take pictures.


I think morning light is the best. Love the shadows and shades and the colors of mother nature.

Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



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