We had dress rehearsal today. Big festival event coming up next week, the Arizona Aloha Festival – – free family event. Three stages of entertainment, choke vendors, choke food booths. Hundred thousand people plus. No joke.

I dance hula. I’m kinda junk but I make up for it with the aloha.  Nah nah nah…. I mean yeah. We are doing one kahiko and one auana number. No costume changes. Cheehoo! For me hula is healing, it is connection to home, certifiably lowers my blood pressure and its good exercise.

Random pictures from rehearsal. Still life artsy fartsy ones. 😀



Told ya’it was random. No dancing or peoples.

I don’t dance Tahitian anymore. Retired my ass. Literally & figuratively. LOL People think Tahitian is shaking your ass. In order for your ass/hips to move, you need to move your knees. Its all about the mechanics. My knees cannot handle it anymore and its not worth the pain. You never how important your knees are until the ache to high heaven and you  become  immobile.  Even with hula its taxing on your knees. Voice of experience here. I wrap my knees for practice weather they hurt or not. Extra precaution does not hurt.

As an educational note: Tahitian is from the island of Tahiti. Hula is from Hawaii. Its two different types of dances but both are done by both. 🙂 Just saying….. I just mention that cause some people think dancing hula is Tahitian; and dancing aparima or ahuro is dancing hula. But technicalities right….


Tahitian costuming on exercise bikes.

I love this color. I should have made me one too but what would I do with it if I’m not dancing Tahitian? Dancers make their own “hip belts”. You just have to braid the leaves & rafia together.  Anyway I love this purpley hues.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono