High Density Living

I am a small town girl, country at heart; urban  survivalist. I was raised in a plantation village so the thought of living in a high rise is hard for me to phantom. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do but the highest up I’ve lived is in the a second floor apartment of a two store apartment building. I know better now. Walking up stairs is a lot of wear and tear on your knees; well my knees anyway. 😀


I understand there are a lot of really nice apartment building and not all apartment buildings are created equal but the density of  people in such close quarters kind of freaks me out. Maybe I like my personal space way too much.  Its too many people crammed in too little space and way up high.

Perhaps its because I think worst case scenarios. For instance fire, earthquake,the parking garage (assuming there is one), and airplanes? Or NO electricity! No electricity means no elevators. Yikes! I suppose it depends what floor you live on but shit happens then what. Or what about carrying groceries, its not like you can go back and forth to the car; well I guess you could but sheeesh! And taking out the trash, how does that work? That is a concentrated amount of trash being generated.

Just the thought of moving into a high rise or moving out of one; stresses me out. I suppose that’s why the have moving companies but still there are gonna be boxes you will want to bring down or carry up personally.



Living in a high rise is having way too may neighbors. There will always be somebody in your business; a busy body snoopy person around. Not always a bad thing but still. With  me I’m either too suspicious of people or I’m too nice and sometimes I don’t know the difference. I just feel that so many people in one building would give me a feeling of tension. I mean I feel tense when I’m in a big city, so I imagine living in high rise would be tension filled also.

I couldn’t imagine being a kid and growing up in a high rise. There is no “go outside and play”. Unless kids play in the hall ways? Does not sound safe to me. I suppose high rise dwellers would feel weird living in the country with no people around. I think if they had a choice and the means they would chose a regular house with a yard.


The high rise concrete jungle is alive and thriving. I like to be closest to the ground myself. 🙂

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



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