Green is one of my favorite colors. Green & purple. I took pictures of greenery. Leaves & ferns. I like the shape of these leaves. Its not round, its not square, it totally free form.

I find ferns to be photogenic. It has movement without moving. (Or maybe thats me.) I think the curl gives is that moving look. ❤



I need to learn to focus. Oh wait its on automatic. Then I need to learn not to move maybe? I have a good camera. I tend to just point and shoot. I don’t do all this adjusting  and changing. Probably cause I’d forget to put it the way it was.  I either get the shot or I don’t. I don’t photo shop or mess with my pic. I want to and I need to, so I should learn me how. 🙂 But in the mean time I just go old school, I either got it or I don’t.


Guess I should go buy the Dummies book, so I can better myself like that. LOL I should watermark my pictures huh? How do I do that? See, buy Dummies book. Don’t I have to buy stuff to do  that. Stuff like software. Right, nothing is free these days.


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono