Arizona Aloha Festival

If you’re ever in the Phoenix area the second weekend of March; you must check out the Arizona Aloha Festival.

Its a family free event. Although parking will cost you and eating and shopping will cost your more but its just once a year. There are 3 stages of entertainment, tons of shopping and a whole lot of food vendors. That also means long lines, but hey its once a year. 😀

There are activities for the little ones, make and take.


Most of these pictures are taken early in the morning before there are crowds. The place gets jam packed and I prefer ‘still life’.  Its amazing to see the place go from 25 to 100,000 in a mater of hours. If you’ve never been to Hawaii, this may be the closes feeling to the real thing. Ok not; but its nice to think so. There are food vendors, so that helps.


The malasadas was ono, not Leonard’s but I appreciate anyone’s secret recipe. I had not had pasteles in decaded. It so hit the  spot.


Food court before the lines. Long ass lines. Buy food at 10 a.m. when they open. Or else there will be lines for days. I’ve grown impatient with age so standing in line bothers me. Or may bother whoevers in line. 🙂

Shopping! If you like shopping this is a cool place to be.  DSC06583



The entertainment is great as all the halaus/groups present their hard work and dedication to perpetuating their culture.


This is the early morning crowd starting to fill up. When I take pictures like this – ones with all kinds of people I imagine I may have take a picture of some one I shouldn’t of and they are going to hunt me down. You know like Jason Borne or some overt covert espionage sort of scenario. Don’t you see faces in this crowd looking at the camera like – Bitch don’t take my picture. I know my imagination precedes me. LOL It was a hot one this past weekend. 90 degrees and no shade but its a dry heat. As far as I’m concerned, heat is heat. Dry humid, it gets uncomfortable with no A/C.

The Aloha spirit is alive and well in the Valley of the Heat. Sun. Same thing.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono