Mission Accomplished

I am the first to admit that I’m not the greatest housekeeper, clearner upper, maid, cook, or anything domestic like. I do what I do, when I do it. Somethings, ok a lot of things get put on the back burner. Like way in the back, like outta sight outta mind.

Case in point, cleaning the bathroom. Its a little bathroom. Its not hard yet I keep putting it off. WTH. There is no way to clean the outside of the toilet bowl without getting on your knees and wiping it down. I don’t know what it is about cleaning the bathroom that I put it off till I can’t stand it. When I know if I would do it regularly  scheduled, I would not have to feel overwhelmed about it. Cleaning the bathroom should NOT be a “mission”, it should just be done with and it should not be an issue.


But I guess I create my own bathroom drama. I’ll do it later, it won’t take long it’ll be fast. So I put it off. And more off. Ok later. In the morning. Before I go to bed. Just do it now. I can be so halfass like that.

I would rather go to the bookstore. Ok I went to WalMart, because I needed special scrub-the-toilet-bowl scrubbers. LOL Oh and this and that and yeah I should go down every aisle to see what they got, in case I may need something else.  Going to a store is the ultimate Attention Disorder Distraction for me. I gotta go look see every other thing. Who goes in a  store and gets that one thing and checks out? Not me, if I go in I’m in there for awhile. That’s just how I do and I’m proud of it. 😀

So I am patting myself on the back this evening as I remember what a good girl I am for cleaning the bathroom. Took things out, threw stuff away, scrub stuff down & up and every  which way. Too much stuff, too many products. Why do I have all this stuff. Right, borderline hoarder. I’m only a hoarder in different areas. Which reminds me; the sewing stuff, fabric and unfinished projects, that needs be look at soon.


I want to feel like I don’t have to clean house. Don’t think the universe is gonna help me with that, as God helps those who helps themselves and I ain’t been all that helpful lately. Work in progress. 🙂

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



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