Low Iodine Diet

Aka LID. Tomorrow I start a low iodine diet in preparation for a Thyrogen procedure, therapy, treatment? Whatever it’s called, that Thyrogen stuff. But first need to do the LID for 2 weeks. Before Thyrogen was available the diet was 6 weeks. Been there done that.

It consist of day 1 a shot in da ass, day 2 shot on the other side, day 3 some serious nuclear pills, day 4 nothing just glow in  the dark – ok not really; but I always check, then day 5 you get thrown into one of those full body scanner machines that can trigger claustrophobic paranoia. Or something to that effect.

I think the hardest part is dieting. I need to deplete my body of iodine. Soooooo I can’t eat anything from the ocean, no sea or iodized salt ( kosher salt ok), no soy, no chocolate, no restaurants, no eggs (egg whites ok), no dairy, no process food. Meat is ok if it’s free range. Oh no rice. So basically vegan-ish.

I can do this! 😜 it’s hard but it’s doable. Oh NO ice cream! But sorbet is ok. YAY for sorbet!


I use to think oh this is going to make me skinny. Yeah well fat chance to skinny. No metabolism means skinny is hard to come by. Well work in progress anyway. So we we will see….


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



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