Day 1 LID – Cheater Cheater

Pumpkin eater? Whatever.

I was doing soooo good, eating all my rabbit food, vegan delights, vegging out…. AND I had a carrot cake! Would not have been bad if I had made it myself. Like I’m Betty Crocker or something; but it was from a a restaurant.

Hello no restaurants, no eating out. Yeah well in this day and age and undisciplined me….. I went out ok, could not say no and be the party pooper of dining out person.

I will live. Just failing myself but not really. I have been eating so much veggies & fruit, I will probably live longer now. LOL

Its about discipline, which I kind of lack. I’m goofy like that. Its about  life today and I picked carrot cake. Hell is that about? Quality of life. Like right now right now. 🙂

Oh the choices we make. I kind of don’t think I’ll croak over a piece of carrot cake. Ok a gigantic piece of carrot cake. But I’m messing with my test results no doubt. Its day one and I fail but I’m ok with it because I’ve eaten better today more then I ever have so won’t let a guilt trip over carrot cake ruin it. LOL

Today is Day 2, 7:30 a.m. and I have not failed yet! Winner winner chicken dinner. Only if I cook it. Its usually in the evening I go crazy. I have watermelon this morning for breakfast so I’m good.


Be Blessed (\O/)

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