LID-ing Day 5

My first thought was I suck at this dieting bit but then thinking about it more I realize at least I’m trying.  I’ve eaten a pack of blackberries everyday, a cup of watermelon everyday. I think that’s fabulous.  Instead of going to get a muffin or donut, I get fruit! What a good girl am I!

Its’s all about disciple ain’t it? I have more then I use to have and less then what I really need, but I have some at least. I’m surprised at how much fruits and vegetables I’ve eaten and I shouldn’t be because I’ve done this before. Hello, selective memory. I’m trying to remember if I was better or worst before or now.  Well before does not matter anymore but NOW really does count, yes.

I do so good in the mornings and lunch time that I cheat in the evenings. OR if I mess up in the morning I’m good for the rest of the day & evening. But I think I have a good attitude about it and that counts for a lot.

The test is this weekend because I need to go outta town, road trip. Need to pack all my fruits & nuts & munchy veggies. I won’t be able to walk into 7-11 because I’ll start picking up shit, I mean stuff. LOL Yeah stuff like junk food, chips, candy, ice cream!

Well I will survive no doubt.


Be Blessed (\O/)

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