LID-ing Half Way There

I just have to face it, I eat junk. I’ve eaten less junk and way more fruits & veggies & no salt, which is a good thing. It does a body good. I bought FRUIT at a 7-11! Such a rare thing for me to do.

Grocery shopping – try & buy food with no salt….. read the labels…… everything has salt in it. And sugar. So if I cut out all this salt & sugar I would live longer? Maybe. 🙂

I’m having a “spilled coffee on myself” kind of morning. Fortunate to report I will live; no burned boobs thanks to wearing a bra. Perhaps that is what a bra is for, protect ones boobs from spilled hot coffee.

I am very proud of myself for not purchasing a donut or muffin for breakfast. I buy watermelon! Yay for me. LOL I know I should cook but I have a 45 minute commute in crazyass traffic so no never mind. If I cook a breakfast I want to sit and savor it, kick back with a cup of tea and watch TV or read a book. But in the real world its called “go to work”.


I know I should not  be eating out BUT that’s not how it works in my life. So I just adjust and improvise as I go along. I’ve learned to eat fries with NO salt. Sweet potato fries with no salt is really good I think. But No Salt fries is my go to eating out order. But there is residue salt because the utensils they use have salt, Kinda sorta. But its OK, I can live with that. LOL

Anyway life goes on without salt, bread, soy, chocolate,  dairy, eggs (but egg whites are ok), processed food and restaurant food. I’m in wannabe vegan mode. 😀


Be /blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


One thought on “LID-ing Half Way There

  1. I think you’re doing great. You can do it!! You’re almost there, almost-burned boobs and all.

    I love sweet potato fries, too. Whoever invented ’em should be given a medal.

    Malama pono, friend. I’m here with you!


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