Korean Drama Binge – ing

I’m a big Korean Drama fan aka K-Dramas. My friends had always talked about it and I didn’t get it. Then fast forward to we got Netflix and Hulu. I’ve always know there was online venues like Dramafever.com and Viki.com where you could watch K-dramas online but I never really did.

I have friends who are subscribers and watch it pretty much most of the time. I’m not a subscriber aka I don’t pay for it. I think that as soon as I pay for it, I won’t watch it and I’m ok with ads. There’s a skip this ad button right. Now there’s also Ondemandkorea.com or is it korean?

The first K-Drama I watched was Queen of Suen Deck  or something like that. I love the historical K-dramas. Love the costuming, jewelry, the designs. That series got me hooked. I think I’ve pretty much watch most of the historical ones. I can’t find one I haven’t watched before. Ok so having exhausted the historicals; my first non-historical K-drama was Descendants of the Sun. Love that one.

I like the special ops/secretshit genre’. LOL You know the Jason Borne/Jack Reacher kinda of stuff. Probably because I read Richard Marchinko, Brad Thor and people like that types of books. So I’ve watched Descentdants, IRIS, K2, Man Called God and I can’t remember the other titles.

So then I think I’ve done most of that genre’  and so I watched Immortal Classic. Who knew that was a movie about a family and their Kim Chee legacy. It was very educational, I learned alot about kim chee. I always thought there was just one kine, the one I buy in the bottle. 😀

Korean dramas have a formula that works. They all have the main boy/girl, the main love interest, the other love interest that the main boy/girl doesn’t like – kind of the stalker babe due to unrequieted love. There’s always a mean ass mom/dad or grandma/grandpa, the crazy goofy friend wingman/woman BFF, a drunken Uncle or Aunt. A lot of the historical dramas always have the prince or princess twins separated at birth kind of story or baby switched at birth. In a sense K-drama plots are predictable but I watch anyway. 🙂  It has to do with the chemistry of the characters. Ok, its about the cute guy!

I think K-dramas are the modern Romance Novel.  The dramas exude sexual tension. Or is that me? Gawd I crack myself up. But yeah, that first touch OMG he touched me we must be in love kind of thing. In the historical dramas sex is implied more then actually done. Its “that look” or  a touch of the hand or some kind of touchy feeling implications. And its made like a hug is orgasmic. (LOL I’m on a fricken roll) Its like a train wreck that is about to happen and you can’t look away, you just gotta watch it happen.

Binge watching can be very addicting.  OK, it is addicting. What ever kinds of TV/movie, you like to watch its ALL there, ALL the time. I quit watching Hawaii 5-0 weekly because I just assume watch the whole season at another time, binge wise. I want to watch Game of Thrones, Ok Jason Momoa; but I don’t have HBO.

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If you are a binge watcher type of person like moi’ it is important that you exercise. Or you could turn into a big ole blob on the couch like moi. Ok I haven’t reached big ole’ blod status yet but maybe semi mini blob-ish. :B If not kept in check could/would/will create issues. So yeah, exercise is a priority. Exercise first then you can couch potato out with the snack of your choice. I know, so defeats the purpose. LOL

You know you’re addicted to K-dramas when you watch it on your device at work!


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Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


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  1. Binge watching dramas is the way to go. I don’t know how people can start ongoing dramas knowing that if they like it they will then have to wait a week in between episodes. haha

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