I’m kind of embarrassed by the leadership of this country. Do you know what I mean?

Like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or what, more like the old dog does not want to learn. YOU have access to tutors and I’m sure your staff can probably tutor you or hire some one who can. YOU can read a teleprompter, right? So why not TRY that. It beats the badly speech of repeating oneself and glaring generalities. Could you be more specific sir?

Our leader being compared to Kim Jung Un, I mean hello, is that not a sign. Are we doomed yet.? World leaders playing chicken with nukes. I’m sure these guys have their bug our bags packed, shelter is  all stocked and good to go. Mean while who suffers their consequences?

America sees/watches what is going on in Syria and think, oh it won’t happen here. Think again and look at who’s in charge. What are the odds?  Preppers are ready and I am not.

On national TV with a world leader and there is war, death and destruction going on and you bring up OBAMA. Get a grip. That is done with. Its your turn, step it up. The past is the past, learn from it and do the right thing. Can you handle that? Evidently not so much cause you keep bringing up other people? Do your job and lead, not golf?  JFC

Read the dictionary or something. Start with looking up NEPOTISM!  You are running a COUNTRY, not your personal business. Oh wait to you its the same thing, to hell with what other people say.

Perhaps I am being melodramatic. All I know how to do is pray.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono