I cuss alot. I use to cuss a whole lot more. Then parenthood happened and I cleaned up my act but then they grew up and I started again. So now I have to clean up my act again cause of the grandkids.

Traffic keeps me cussing. Swear to gawd…. I turn Italian in the car too, my hand up in the air, aaaaaayyyeeee. WTH MF POS blah blah blah


My traffic cussing has escalated! I’m going to hell, what the hell. LOL I use to call everyone assholes. They have now been upgraded to Motherfuckers. Sweartogawd…

There is a reason the vehicle is equipped with a signal light. Freakin’ USE IT! To me using your blinkers is like saying “please & thank you” its manners you know? When you just pull in front of people/ME it becomes a problem. I look at you as RUDE. But you’re not scared you just cruise like you are the only one who needs to get where they are going in bumper to bumper traffic.

My Granddaughter always tells me: You said the S-word.

Oh Shit, sorry.


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono