Shotindaass Therapy

I get my first shot in the behind today. Right side. Tomorrow left side. Why I can’t just have both sides the same day, I dunno. Medical billing? Use more time & medicine? Protocols? whatever?

Oh correct terminology: Thyrogen shot. Fancy for “its really specialized expensive medicine.”

Right side. Left side. Wednesday nuclear medicine. Pills basically. You swallow & glow in the dark. LOL Ok not really but I always check. Turn off the lights in the bathroom and wait for myself to shine bright like a diamond. It hasn’t happened, yet?

I think I end my diet today. I’m not sure and I can wait. Just when I’m getting use to this healthy no salt gig. I’m now hooked on Trader Joe’s Organic No Salt Tortilla Chips. I really like them. With guacamole, for me that’s a meal; guacamole & a bag of chips; how healthy is that? LOL

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Don’t know why, but I’m a tad bit nervous about this. Shots always get me that way. I remember the first time I was gonna have it done, the nurse told me; its not gonna hurt. And I looked at her and said: “Yeah, because its not your ass.” We so cracked up. But yeah you know how nurses are. LOL

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


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  1. K’den. You did it. Doesn’t sound like fun, but you’re gonna be okay. Brave girl, you. I hope I can see you glowing alla way up here. Nah nah nah… you glow from da inside just by being yourself. Hugs, tita!


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