So what was I thinking….. I was thinking since I’m starting “shotindaassness” must be I can eat “normal.”  So I had tea and watermelon for breakfast. I was thinking “oh I will celebrate” with a bigass lunch after my shot.

I was not sure if I stop the diet or not. So I just played it safe and did not eat till I found out. What a fricken kill joy.  I think I subliminally knew the answer but was in denial.  Like in a lot of things hahahaha.

I asked “Am I done LID-ing?” NO, not till Friday – after the scan.

Well hell. The nurse was like; that is the hardest diet ever. I was like, I know it turns you into a vegan, which is not a bad thing but I’m a carnivore at heart.

Am I skinny yet? According to the scale, no. My clothes, kind of sort of, depends which britches am I wearing.

Anyways, so much for getting my hopes high. I was really thinking some kind of smothered chicken. Good gravy all over whatever the hell I decide to eat. ❤ Delayed gratification till Friday pm. FINE!

Let this be a lesson of anticipation.


Be Blessed (\O/)

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