Fasting not by choice but cause I have too. Having a WTH moment….. 🙂

Today I take my nuke meds. Just pop a couple of pills, easy peasy on that part.

BUT  NO eating 4 hours prior taking it, I take it at 1:30pm. And NO eating 2 hours after.

Not a bite. I can drink the usual. I forgot to ask about alcohol and beer but lets just asume that’s a given, I should not be drinking during daylight work hours especially since I’m driving myself.

So I’m starving. I drank coffee. I drank tea. I drank water. I’m having a 7up. I’m going to the bathroom.


F is for WTF. A is for Acceptance, I agree, I need to accept this as part of treatment, it beats Chemo.  S is for Self-Control, yes I can do this; listen to the doctors & nurses. T is for Truth, the truth hurts and you know this so roll with it. I is for Integrity, but I cheated on my diet but yes I have integrity, some, alot; just not when I’m on this dieting cruise. N is for Nourishment, yeah I’ve only been eating nourishing foods, no salt, no chocolate, no soy , now bread, lot of no no’s but I eat so I’m good. G is for Grace; yes by the Grace of God I’ve lasted this long and hopefully will last a long long time because I’ve fased therefore I will live! 😀


Yes I pray I will eat well after I’m done with this treatment.  Fasting and praying has brought me to today.

I am blessed, no doubt.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


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