My Bad

You know how you know better, but you do it anyway just because. Experience tells you one thing and you do it anyway. Hard headed is when you don’t even listen to yourself. AND there is no cure fo’hudhead!

So my rant is: I ordered a free sample. How free is it when you have to pay shipping & handling right? I know this, so fine.

Then I get an email receipt with details of the $4.95 AND it lists two more invoices numbers for May and June. Like I’m subscribing or something. I just wanted the free $4.95 samples.  I email SUPPORT and tell them to stop it. I do not want a membership or subscription or even their product now because they have irritated me.

Then I see a transaction for $42.43 on my credit card. BTW its a prepaid card, that I use for online purchases. So really its a debit visa. The balance is relatively low, that way no money no purchase and if I really want it I have to put money in it to use it.

So anyway, then I get an email from the company saying purchase denied for insufficient funds. $4.95 was denied! YES because you charged me for the higher amount I did not want. Duh?  More emails to support. And their phone # on the email 844-MOREBEAUTIFUL. Where the hell am I calling? It’s a fricken sign right.

I call the credit card company. I tell them my issues. I tell’um can I block these people? She says with all the Internet scamming going on its better that I just get a new card. Ok sounds good to me.  Expect a new card in 7-10 business days, I’m good with that.

Note to self: Quit with the free sample buying, nothing is free and free comes with hassles, time, and sometimes even more money.

Hate to put people on blast but stop it!

And props to – they have been really straight up and helpful.  I think I’m calling the Phillipines. I hear plenny manungs in the background and the operators have a faint familiar accent and yeah they really do sound like Maria and Rosa. Unlike Ali-ver sounds like from India.

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono