Gained Weight On A Diet

MOST people loose weight on a restricted diet. Not me. Its just a pound or two. Water weight? Who are we kidding.

I should stay off scales. I know this but WTH it couldn’t hurt. My feelings are really hurt hell. I was saltless, soyless, dairyless, chocolateless, eggless (egg whites ok), restarantless (I cheated – fries with no salt), anything from the ocean-less, breadless (unless I made my own & I don’t have the Betty Crocker gene) and process foodless and still I inhaled fat? AND I walked at least a mile or more a day.

AND that BMI chart says I am OBESE. I am not obese, just a Beast!  I read it as, I should be taller! When I grow UP I will be in tuned to this BMI chart dilly. LOL Who da hell invented that BMI chart anyway, I bet it wasn’t a fat person.

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So much for being on freaking diet. Well I know all this stuff but still I was thinking maybe this time it will be different. Nope, same story, different date. 😀 I’m okay with it, such is life. You gotta roll with it and not let it roll over you.

I still fit in my clothes! So there! LOL I think clothes is a better indication than the BMI chart. The point is to eat right & exercise. Quit being hypnotized by Korean Dramas. 🙂 Walk more. Lift weights some. Dance more, cardio!

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Be Blessed (\O/)

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