Tattoo Thoughts

I’ve always wanted one since I was little. As I got older my thought was; where would I put it and what design? Just thoughts in the back of my mind. In my 40s, because I’m slow like that; I finally figured out where I would want one. No point mentioning it now, it is a mute point? So then what design?

Something original. Something I’m the only one who would have it. There are a lot of designs that I like. But if I’ve seen it on someone then I don’t want one like that. You know what I mean. I asked my son the artist to design me something. But you know when you TELL kids to do something then that’s what they are NOT gonna do. Yeah its like that.

I don’t like color. It reminds me of the newspaper cartoon pages. Remember those? Y’all probably too young. Well color is okay if its like a Yakuza piece, cause its traditional. It is just something I myself do not prefer. I dislike random pieces placed here, there and everywhere. It may makes sense to the owner, but I just seen randomness and not something I would choose. I know I’m being judgemental and we all do that; see certain tattoo designs of peopole and wonder “why?”  Wonder what story goes with that.

Have you ever seen an ugly ass tattoo? I mean the kind you ask, you paid for that? I almost told someone I know,  “that was a junk artist you went to” but NO I bit my tongue. Did not go there. But you know what I mean; with all the really great art out there, if the art on your body is even just mediocre, its noticeable. If you are paying for it, pay for the good ones man.

I like the Polynesian art. Some people call it Tribal, but when I hear Tribal I want to know what Tribe; so I say Polynesian or Ethnic. I’ve seen some really pretty Tahitian pieces. A friend of mine went to Tahiti and he got this fishhook on his ear, small & unassuming very intricate.  And yes there are distinguishing designs between Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian and Maori designs. Then there are ones that are combined, depending on the artist. Then there’s the different Asian country artist. Regardless, great artist are great artist.

I listened to a well know Polynesian give a lecture on his work and his lineage of tattoo-ing. So interesting from the cultural relevance of it all. His philosophy of the client does not choose or tell him what to tattoo, HE chooses and tattoos you of what design he envisions after spending time & interviewing the client.  I’ve also heard this very thought from another elder traditional tattoo-ist of another culture.

I find that very interesting because it involves a lot of trust. Ok, complete trust to have someone permanently draw on your body something not of your choosing. You are buying something sight unseen, no take backs ever!  Am I that trusting?  Maybe when I was younger, I woulda been like “oh yell yeah do whatever I’m ok with that.”  Now, not so much; I’m jaded. But with that said,  on a goofy day I maybe in a “hell yeah go for it mood” and it just may happen.

Tattoos I like:

I know if I had a tattoo when I was younger; I wouldn’t like it now. I have grown and changed so much having a reminder of my stupid young self would frking irritate me. I would want it changed. I know how fickle and attention deficit I am. I would change my mind in a decade or so and not want it no more.  Its like jewelry right? You get a diamond ring 20-30 years ago, then decades later you want a way better one. Well you can take off jewelry, not tattoos.

For me, now would be good time to get a tattoo. I mean how many decades do I have left? LOL I now understand now what “permanent” and forever means and  my growth of “attitudes” have stabilized. Kind of sort of. Whatever that means.  LOL

I don’t see me getting a tattoo anytime soon. It use to be a novel idea and I like being novel like that. Nowadays its mainstream common and  I don’t need mainstream common at this time. 🙂  Nowadays being tattoo-less is the novel  thing. IF my friend the tattoo dude offers to do a piece on me that he thinks is appropriate, I would consider it. Last chance right? Because he does know me and I trust in his mana’o, experiece and skills. I  THINK I would say “yeah lets do it.”

In the mean time; my body remains a  blank canvas and I like it like that.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono