Live Streaming & Merrie Monarch

Back in the day you had to wait for the video tape, 6 months later. BUT now; instant gratification with Live Streaming. I’m talking about watching the Merrie Monarch Festival. The Olympics of Hula. So culturally significant as it perpetuates the hula. Nothing like it anywhere else. Hilo town is the place to be this weekend.

I’ve never been to the Merrie Monarch Festival in person. But I’ve always known about it. Watched it on TV and now thanks to technology watch it online live. Awesomeness is all I can say. So much Aloha, you gotta love it.

I love the colors and costuming. The fresh flower, too bad no smell-avision. I want to go to their craft fair. Let me clarify that, I want to go to the craft fair with lots and lots of money so I can shop till I drop. But first go eat. LOL Then there is the parade. Love Hawaii parades, all the colors, flowers and shakas. \\000// Right?

Last night was Hoike night. A cultural exchange, Exhibition. It was an exhibition night of different cultures. This festival has been going on since what 1971 or so. So there is a lot of information on it, aka their website.  My thought is, if you don’t know nowadays, with internet access you can find out, right.

So last night on FB one of the local radio stations was LIVE with the hoike performances. Cool. So of course there are all these “people” making comments. IGNORANT comments! And  I had to step away from the keyboard. I so wanted to say something but mute point if they too stupid to find out, me telling them won’t make them smarter. And I don’t comment to peoples I don’ t know. So anyway the Paranguy Dancers (I think) were on, a Filipino culutral group, very Indonesian-ish style a particular Filipino tribe doing a fabulous performance right.

Well the comments started rolling in: What kind of dance is that? Thats not Hawaiian. That should not be allowed. 

MFkers shutTFUp – swear to gawd it so irritated me. These people had no idea and it just showed their ignorance and stupidity. Maybe its me because I assume “everybody” knows Wednesday night is Hoike night. My bad.

Ok enough with the venting.

Miss Aloha Hula competition starts tonight, Friday night is Kahiko (ancient/traditional hula) and Saturday is Auana (modern hula).

Live streaming via:  or google Merrie Monarch live streaming.

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Its on Hawaii time. Which is a 3 hour difference from my time. Or is it 4? Anyway lets see if I can stay up. Well I can stay up, the question is can I wake up for work? I will try my best.

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Be Blessed (\O/)

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