Cleaning A Closet

So I actually cleaned my closet. Too proud of myself. LOL I added one of those bars where you can hang two rows; so I have tops on top and pants & skirts on the bottom. It look so organized it scared me.

WHAT I’m not a hoarder? I have hoarder tendencies. I like to watch the show HOARDERS because it makes me feel better. How bad is that? Hoarders is a reminder that if I keep everything I ever bought and everything everybody gives me,  I will  have a pile of crap all over the dang place. Watching the program reminds me to check myself and all the things I think are valuable;  well I’m the only one who thinks that so let it go. But I digress…..

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I found a dress I don’t even remember buying. Don’t remember what store it was from even though the tag was still on it. Duh? Why had I not worn this dress other than it was buried in the closet? I’m thinking, I didn’t fit in it. I hate trying on clothes in stores. And it was clearance so no take backs or exchanges. I made a big pile of items to give to the Thrift store. I found a lot of hangers.  I  did not know I had so many black skirts? Other than color they are all different, different shape, different materials. I need to weed them out. I’m still in the “I’m too organized” to touch it phase. LOL

I learned I have too many printed, striped or psychedelic printed shirts/blouses. Child of the 60’s or what?  Enough with the printed, striped and psychedelic tops all ready. I learned I need some basic solid shirts, like a good white shirt. The one I have is kind of drabby; probably because its decades old.  Note to self: Weed out the printed, striped and psychedelic tops. 🙂

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Exactly, I looked at my newly organized hanging clothes and thought; why the hell did I buy that. Must have been the mood, or style or clearance or something. Do I really like it still? Not really. Have I worn it lately, not really. Duh, you either wore it or you didn’t it. I don’t think I wore it. Note to self: weed out all the ‘why the hell’ pieces.

I knew I had a bunch of  suits; jackets/blazers & skirts/pants but it was all scattered in between dresses and stuff. So I put them all together and I was like, hmmm that many? Some I know I didn’t fit in a few, so I tried them on thinking “what if”.  And yes I didn’t fit in it before and I don’t fit in it now, so why do I have it? Ok, into the bag. I found a really good skirt I still fit in but not the jacket so, hey whats another black skirt right?

I still have a more weeding to do. And as I toss a piece here and there; I’m thinking, Oh I need this and that. NO you do not. So yeah, stop it! It does not need to be replenished.

Now to clean out the closet floor and shoes!




Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono