Truth Hurts

The truth hurts and there is no sense in me ranting. You’re either for it  or against it.

These are self explanatory. Tell me these aren’t true. I will listen to your rant.

It saddens me that someones child, son, brother, husband, uncle, grandpa, male friend or daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandma or female friend will be or is at war due to a political pissing contest. Two words: North Korea!

Two Crazy Alphas, right. Its okay to have a pissing contest between yourselves. Its not okay to involve other people who will die while you hang out in your safe house.


82c5617fe852919e6294ea3d63cb3ff6 assThis pisses me off; especially if you have loved ones in the service.


But he’s the President, what are we going to do?   PRAY! There is a God right? No time to doubt just pray, no one gets hurt, no one dies, we live happily ever after….. who am I kidding?


Pray for peace!



Be Blessed (\O/)

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