Def Con 3?

This morning I read an articled entitled: “What Should You Do In Case of Nuclear Attack? ‘Don’t Run. Get Inside.’ ”

My first thought was: Kiss My Ass Goodbye?

While SOMEONE is hunkered down in their safe bunker ~ we suffer the consequences? I know life is not fair and its full of BS but this frking takes the frking cake ain’t it?

Its sad that we must be aware and prepare for a possible nuclear attack. Its better to be prepared then totally oblivious, right? I’m just saddened that America has come to this.

As a kid I remember bomb drills. THEY; as a kid I never knew who THEY were and as a kid were were taught to listen to your elders and don’t question. So THEY thought Pearl Harbor could get attacked again. My elementary school was between two military installations. So we had bomb drills regularly in 2nd & 3rd grade. We were even timed as to how fast our class could all get under our desk. To us it was a game, we knew nothing of war or getting attacked, planes dropping bombs. Bomb drills was fun from a 2nd graders view. Children of the 60’s were way more innocent and less knowledgeable then kids nowadays. We were poor and happy; as long as we had food & got to play outside, we were good. ūüôā

Fast forward to now and kids will google “nuclear attack” ¬†and they will search it on ¬†YouTube. We had Encyclopedia of Brittanica!

What are the odds of a nuclear attack on American soil? I think the odds are way  higher then they were a couple of year ago. But say it happens, then what?

I live in a suburb ¬†of a major city. Oh I work in that major city. Should it become a target during work hours I’m up the creek without a paddle. Sort of, kind of but not really? I would prefer any major attack be done while I’m comfortable at home. ¬†Seriously. If I’m gonna be in distress and/or DIE, I’d like to be at home, you know what I mean.

So anyway IF  we get NUKED:

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Is picture #1 sitting on the toilet doing #2? (just wondering)

WOW Do #6 and #9! ¬†See that’s why I want to be at home when all this crap goes down, I do not want to deal with #8. JFC Four to six weeks in my house – I need to go grocery shopping – survival mode. We won’t have Wi-Fi, huh? ¬†Where are my Prepper friends at? I can hear them now; I TOLD YOU SO!

463196967341ed9543835d4ae491f8e1 attack

They forgot to list: PRAY!



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono