Paperless Office

I recalled a long long time ago, some teacher/professor telling us that with computers, eventually we would have a paperless office.

There are very few offices I know that are paperless. But I think we are all doing more with less paper.

Part of the problem with not yet being paperless is people like me. I print to edit. I gotta read the hard copy. Maybe its habit, maybe its age, maybe its hard to teach a ole dog new tricks, maybe I just like printing, wasting paper, blah blah blah. 😀

I was assigned to clean out a person’s  cubicle, person was not gonna be replaced, items before  a certain date needed to be shredded.  In one day I shredded 15 bags of paper. That’s a lot of paper from a cubicle.


I think offices are getting better with using less paper but not near paperless. I like to scribble myself, so I’m always writing on something. I like to practice my handwriting because its very chicken scratch and you know it’s a sign, when you can read your own handwriting. So I do like to write. Chicken scratch looking and all.

I think kids nowadays don’t write enough because of computers and the striving towards paperlessness. 🙂 Kids need to practice their penmanship. Its just good motor skills , fine motor skills. It aint gonna kill them, doing something physical like that. Its common sense. Well I think its common sense, to know how to write neatly, legibly. WTH How is that bad?

My granddaughter has always been a “writer”. Writing notes & letters, descriptions on her drawings. I think her writing sucks sometimes more then others. When its real messy I know she hasn’t been writing. When its very neat & legible, I know she has been writing stories and notes and things. Its just a matter of daily practice.

I went thru a decade or so of filling blank books. Poetry. Then don’t know what happened; Life maybe. LOL I stopped writing. I stopped with the poetry. I alwasy tell myself I need to write more and I end up watching Netflix. Hmmm such is life.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono