At the Airport

I always get sort of lost at the airport. Driving in circles, trying to figure out my east, west, north, south.

I usually head to the airport from the east but I needed to go from work so I headed in from the west and I had to do a circle or two before I knew what the hell I was doing. Or where the hell was I going.

Terminal 3! Delta! North, south, what? Where,  oh yes Parking. Duh? So I did find my destination.  I parked and took a picture of the sign the area where I was parked – 2B! Ain’t gonna lie, I sometimes forget where I parked. But my phone remembers, that’s why its called a smart phone. LOL AND I did find who I was suppose to pickup.

Ok now how do I get outta here. East. I must head east. Ok. In the wrong lane. Again? No I don’t want to do another tour of the terminal. HURRY scoot over all the way left…. GO go… no cars….. Yay made it out of the airport loop. Headed north now. East. Go east, ok turn right!

Mission accomplished. Found the airport, found airport parking, picked up passenger, got out of the airport loop, made it outta there and headed to hotel.

YAY for me!

I would suck as an Uber, Lyft or taxi driver.  Some people are meant to do that, I know I’m not. I would still be circling the airport. LOL



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.


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