Coffee, Tea, or Me!

All of thee above. LOL

Don’t know what’s wrong with me this morning; I got me my small Starbucks. I refuse to call it tall, cause we all know it’s not . So I have coffee and I get to work and I make a cup of tea. WTH?

I think I bought coffee because there were no lines. I won’t stand inline in the mornings. I’m not in a rush, I just don’t want to spend the time in a line; I just move on. So no lines so I bought a coffee. I’m a tea person. But if I drink coffee  its the expensive kine.  I don’t ever make coffee, I buy coffee.


Out of habit, I went to the office kitchen and I made a cup of tea. Get back to my desk and I have coffee, tea, and me.  DUH?

It’s a small wannabe tall coffee so I drink it all first then move on to my cup of tea.

What is the point? Make up my mind. 🙂 I need to quit buying coffee; that’s $4.00 I could save. AS IF. That’s $4.00 more groceries. Okay WalMart, same difference. LOL


I’m a tea person. I think I buy coffee just to be TRENDY. 😀 I like Dutch Brothers better then I like Starbucks. But the Dutch Bros I go to always have long ass lines. Both at the window and drive thru. I remember a time when I could just drive up and I’d be the 1st or 2nd car inline. Not anymore. So I stopped going there. Unless I pass the place and there’s only 2 cars then I’m #3. That’s happened like once so far. 😦

Coffee sends me to the bathroom. I know this yet I still drink it. Tea is healthier, right? I think so. Tea is always calming to me. I like drinking tea and eating ice cream. Its a hot cold thing. Oral fixation? nah nah nah….

I like different teas. The fruity fruity flavor kine I drink when I’m sick, because if I can taste/smell the flavor then I’m not that sick and its a good sign.  Basic green tea is my usual. I also like Earl Gray; just like Captain Pecard. ❤

Well I should go and savor my tea. Before I have to go to the bathroom.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono