Paycheck To Paycheck

I live paycheck to paycheck. I am grateful I have a paycheck.

I need to learn not to spend. Easier said then done. I need to quit buying snacks, fast food, french fries <3; I need to stop with the  french fries.  As always, easier said then done.

I am not  good with money, saving wise but I’m good at spending. I do that real well. The saving part, not so much. But I am improving. I use to be way worst. LOL

Its bad the few days before payday is such a downer; cause it’s that I gotta wait till payday time. supposedly one should have funds budgeted right, so as to not be in that predicament. Again, easier said then done.

I think being aware is good. I’m aware, there fore I’m good.


Be Blessed. (\O/)

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