My Mom has it. My older sister is showing signs of it.

How do you help someone who doesn’t want help? Even more so, how do you help someone who is in denial. Sister knows there is something wrong or things are NOT the way it use to be, times one hundred give or take some. She just gets all defensive and pissed and what not, depressed. In the mean time her weight is going way up and that just adds another problem  to the problem.

I don’t live close to her. So I’m just basically texting & emailing my niece/her oldest daughter. I’m like there is a PILL for this, its still early this can be managed. Yes but the person needs to want IT to be managed.

So I was reading the list of stages of Alzheimers and ALL I READ WAS “forgetting where they park” AND I was OMG I have it! Ain’t gonna lie, I forget where I park – like at the airport or underground parking, I take a picture on my phone for reference. That’s why its called a smart phone, it remembers where I parked. LOL

I think awareness its key. So I’m wondering about me. Need to have the conversation with the husband and kids now while I’m relatively sane. 😀

Knowing my family they are going to say “we’re just gonna thru you in da crazy house.”

I think because for the past 10 years I’ve been going to the doctors regularly, quarterly; I’m more inclined to tell them if something is changing or different. I’ve been seeing the same specialist for the past 8 years, hopefully they would notice if I’m going bonkers although my Doc all ready thinks I’m bonkers for asking for pakalolo. LOL

This makes me wonder if/when happens to me it does, do I recognize it, what would I do? Would I know? Y’all must tell me. LOL

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Be Blessed (\O/)

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