Mother’s Day

Everyday is Mother’s Day!

When my kids were Jr Hi/HS I would tell them: Mother’s Day should be the ONE day you are disrespectful, talk back, act ugly, be more stupid then stupid, and totally contrary; the the rest of the year y’all are perfect angels!

And of course they were like: C’mon MOM you know it doesn’t work that way!


That was then, this is now. LOL After all that Jr Hi/HS attitude they are good people, productive citizens.  They are not in jail or addicts. Two out of three have their own children and I remind them regularly of the “family curse.”

Family Curse:  Wait till you have kids!

LOL They have children now and I just crack up at them.  Although truth be known I think they are way better then I was as a parent.

Truth is I faked it till I made it, and I am proof that prayer works. That is no joke. Parenting make you do stuff you don’t want to do but you know its right so you do it, it ain’t about YOU no moe, its about them. Us. We. Family. Ohana.

I laugh when my kids freak out at what their kids do  because once upon a time they did the very same thing.  I get out of saying kick saying: What about the time you did such & such?  And they look at me and roll their eyes, like how I use to do them. LOL Paybacks a bitch and its fun watching too.


Had a great Mother’s Day. Anytime your children feed you its a blessing. Well everyday is blessing because everyone is basically healthy and well and so far drama free.



Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono