Obsolete or Nostolgia

Both? ❤

Telephone books…. they still make them , they still give it away – you find it in your driveway or doorstep BUT does anyone use them nowadays?

Payphones/Phone booths…..I haven’t seen any phone booths lately. Payphones I’ve seen and wondered if anyone still uses them. You would need a bunch of change ain’t it? Or is it modern and it will take your debt it card? Just walked by it did not read the fine print.

c3f00951c67b005bc428dea5fc6185f8 - phone booth

Remembering phone numbers! I don’t even remember my own sometimes. Who needs to remember if you have a smart phone, or a dumb phone for that matter; its called the contact list. I use to know peoples phone numbers. Now… I couldn’t tell you more then the area code. I even get that wrong sometimes. I know some of the last 4# of some peoples phone numbers.

Address books……. who still uses a physical address book? I have an old one I keep, just for reference & nostalgic purposes. LOL  Most people have moved but some are still at the same place  I think the phone numbers are changed for sure.

If you know what this is you are old. If you used one of these you are older! LOL

ee4100dd8fcd1347aa0d781512eb8070 - sprinkler

ff3f6112dbecfb8d2ce7a42cf848aec4 copierYou are also way old if you remember the smell of the memeograph machine. Is that what it’s called? The back-in-the-day copier. Remember when worksheets were handed out the first thing you did was put the paper on your face and inhale. Yeah we were all sniffers.

Typing class. Who remembers typing class? I believe these days it’s called keyboarding, whatever. My kids thought I was making crap up when I told them, I learned on a manual and you had master that before you were allowed on the electric. I want a working functional Selectric typewriter, just because. LOL When my son was in grade school we were at a yard sale and there was a manual typewriter, the old big clunker black ones. There was paper in it, so my son typed on it and at the end of the line his eyes were searching the keys. Finally he asked: Mom, where’s the return key? I cracked up laughing and as I returned it for him; I said: Right here, its called your hand! He was so fascinated by it, he just kept returning till the paper came out.

3a650ee820d96ea54fab1e17a1903ec2 - royal

My kids think I’m nuts when I tell them some of the stuff WE had that is long gone. They think I’m making stuff up. So I just say Google it or search it on Pintrest. LOL

f0629258c4c453a05ef3c2c1adf7c306 iodineDo they even still sell this? Kids would probably be mortified if you had to use it on them. I always thought it was a pretty color.



Be Blessed (\O/)

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