AWOL – Random Thoughts

I know I was supposed to write and I didn’t write; for whatever reason. I would look at the blank page, be blank, blank out. No not really but yes blank.

Must be a mood thing. I was not in the mood. Kind of like sex. LOL But not really ok yes, really. Well, sometimes anyway. It just is, right.

I don’t watch the news on TV. I don’t read the newspaper. So I basically get news online. I assume it is real news, if its fake it’s not news, its bullshit. Right. Lots of bullshit online right. One has to read and read more and compare to judge what is real & bullshit. Kind of like we all have a friend that’s a bullshitter so you don’t believe anything until its verified by other sources.

Did you hear about the Congressman or politian dude who body slammed a reporter? No video just audio. WHAT? Nobody had a camera rolling. Come on! I wanted to see the fight! Truth hurts right, he just acted on his impulse and his impulses said slam him & he did. Can’t make this shit up. There’s audio. I’m waiting for the video.

They say its a traditional to wear black to the Vatican or to go see the Pope. You know, there is happy black and look like you are at a funeral black. If you’re not going to a funeral why be all that somber funeral black looking. You know what I mean. You can wear black and look normal happy. I do. nah nah nah ok yes. A pop of color people. 🙂

b8a1a05527016bbd1cfa56477044a06f vatican

What’s up with that black veil, you didn’t go to  mass. I grew up going to mass and FEMALES had to cover their head. If you did not have a veil or beanie or hat or something; some Grandma or Aunty would come behind you and put a tissue on your head. God forbid. Then after mass all the kids be teasing you “kleenex head kleenex head”. I think a short veil would have looked cuter. With a big comb. Yes, a mantilla huh? I have both. LOL  I don’t get it, you cover your head in the vatican but you don’t in Saudi Arabia. I would so rock a hijab. I always admire this one lady I always see who talks hands free because her cell phone is tucked into her hijab. I think thats cool but thats me.

The Pope made stink eye! LOL Just had to throw that out there…..

22947bb6bf2f8de346c9820f14928ecd - pope

Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono