Climate Change

One does not need science to SEE, that climate change is real. People who live off the land, people who pay attention to their environment can all attest to it. It does not take science, its common sense. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t have common sense but the have money. So money trumps environment! Yes MFpun intended. 🙂


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Nicaragua, Syria and United States! How embarassing can this be. Y’all voted for this? I didn’t. And so I pray. I am so going to hell becasue I  pray with cuss words. WTF AMEN!

It does not take a rocket science or any kind of science to see, to feel, to experience the change of the in the air, the rise & fall of sea level, the extreme weather patterns. It is not a conspiracy, ok maybe it is; Mother Nature’s/Gods conspiracy to check and see who the hell has common sense. What about that!

You cannot tell the Indigenous people of the world that climate change is a conspiracy muchless blame the Chinese. People who live off the land will tell you al lthe changes that have occured over the generations. The snow or lack of in the artic, the rise of the ocean levels, and extreme weather are kind of a sign don’t you think?  I think we should listen more to the elders and peoples who live off the land.

It is so disheartening for this country. We are so on the wrong list, on a list with Nicaragua & Syria, really.!Ok I can understand Nicaragua & Syria, fine. BUT U.S.! (yes pun intended although I didn’t think it till I saw it written LOL) What does this say to the rest of the world? Even worst, they know its not THE COUNTRY per se, its the leadership, or lack of or the ignorance of.

So moving FWD we must pray and do what we can as individuals to help keep what we have and not let thing get worst. We must stay positive and not be put down  by moneyhungrygreedysonsofbitches.


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Be Blessed (\O/)

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