No Nightmare, Different App

The two apps I use most often to send me off to sleep world are Cancer Fighter & Self Healing.  I had a bunch of others but these two are my regulars. I also had a bunch of Loose Weight ones and I deleted them, don’t remember why, I still need to. LOL

I use to have about nine of them and obviously did not use all of them. It was just using up space. There are a lot of meditation ones and chakra ones, and they all start and say the same thing in different ways or maybe the same way:  BREATHE!

It is all about breathing. I know for me its been very helpful when getting thrown into machines, MRIs, CRTs, whatever imaging machines there is. I think its taught me how to calm TF down. LOL Other then my kids saying: Ma’am Calm down, Calm Down Mom!

I don’t pay for apps although there are a few I’ve been tempted to but I haven’t.  Maybe I’m a cheapo, I don’t know.  Free apps is how I roll.

Before me becoming an owner of a smart phone, I listened to CDs to go to bed. My favorite & only one I had was: FIGHTING CANCER FROM WITHIN. It had 5 CDs and I listened to mostly #5. I first bought the book and it was kinda boring, then I found the CDs and to me those were helpful.

This should be an app. This I would purchase. I have these CDs, I can’t find the player. I can hear my Granddaughter now:  “What IS THIS?” Need to go look for the player.  🙂 I can download it into my phone right?

I’m glad they have this selling on Amazon. At one time we couldn’t find it online even, and so my friend copied all of mines to give to his friend.

I really think these CDs have helped me in my healing even if nothing more then reminding me to breathe. I have no clue what the CDs say, other then for the first 15 minutes or so because I always pass out and sleep well. Once I tried to listen to it while I was awake and doing something, and I ended up taking a nap. So don’t know what it says. I think its all written in the book but I was attention deficit with the book.  Listening was better for me, even if I do zonk out. It sinks into my subconscious or unconsciousness. 🙂 It all good.


Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono