It’s like Facebook and/or the internet in general has given people a pass to be publicly rude & ugly, interjecting what THEY think, even though they have no clue what the true story is. Some people do not see the ugly hurtful stupid ignorant clueless crap of their comments. Do you know what I mean?

Maybe its me because I read way too much comments but I myself don’t comment. BECAUSE I fear my comments will come off rude, ugly, hurtful, stupid, ignorant, clueless. Even when I do know the INFORMED CORRECT story I don’t say shit because there is always ONE or more Gawdforbid people who will be contrary! That is the nature of the beast. How sad is that?

It amazes me how many think if it’s on Facebook it must be the truth and etched in stone and it couldn’t be any different. We all joke: Its true I saw it on Facebook.  We all also see the ignorance of it all.

It’s amazing how much shit is still  Obama’s fault, how much stuff IS NOT Whatshisface fault, how every other thing is a conspiracy, how my party is better then your party, how only old dominant society men are making decisions on women’s health issues; you couldn’t find some cute guys?

Even when there is tragic and sad incidence; there is ONE or TWO or more assholes coming up with crap – well maybe they deserved it, well maybe this or that. WELL maybe you should shut TFU. That’s why I don’t comment. I would start using the F too much. If I can’t say nothing nice I should STFup, do not type crap like them. LOL

It just amazes me how much people can just blurt out their ignorance. Although half the time they don’t think of it that way. Its their opinion, therefore they are entilted to it. And in that there is the issue ain’t it, people think they are “entitled” however sad, stupid, misinformed untrue BS it maybe, they are entitled to their FkdUp opinion. Two FU opinions don’t make it right, so ok I should shuttdafkup, too. LOL

Its amazing how people interject their own stories into other peoples situation. Yeah and woulda, coulda, shoulda but didn’t so what if and so then blah blah blah. Always amazed how people will call out one another on stuff that is not even related to the orignal post. Oh is it cause they have no life?

Sometimes I get the impression there are people who have nothing to do but troll around and be contrary, commenting negatively on everything, suggesting otherwise, making up shit, just BS-ing around because that is the only pleasure they get. In the real world, people have their own lives to deal with. Right?

So anyway, that is my vent of the day.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono