Cultural Appropriation

Or is it misappropriation? Either way sometimes its just a plain old rip off.  Sometimes people don’t know no better. Sometimes people don’t give a ratsass.  Sometimes people are too sensitive or those insensitive ones too. Sometimes its all about the money. Then a lot of times its about pride and culture.

Natives have been making and using cradleboards and mossbags since time and memorial and  in fact they still use them today.  Dominant society may not think so or know so but yeah its still being made and used.

So todays RANT LOL is about a company that I saw on where else Facebook.  Its suppose to be a new and innovative THING that THEY invented. And THEY want to patent. NATIVES beg to differ, they did not invent it as its been around since time and memorial perhaps not it that color but yeah different tribes different designs, different material but all for the purpose of keeping baby safe and swaddled.

I was taught that  you are suppose to keep the baby swaddled at least for the first three months. Making a baby burrito is not hard, you wrap baby in a blanket like a burrito.

Anyway a certain FB post made me aware of this “new invention” that is not new and I was reading that it had a patent pending. So WHEN you get said patent you will sue all the Natives from time and memorial for using a cradleboard and or mossbag? Or do they get to get to sue you for cultural misappropriation/appropriation whatever?

Is not the concept the same? And you can do this with a blanket you don’t need straps. Anyway it just irked me when I saw “new invention & patent pending” – seriously?  Just saying. All you gotta do is search it on Pinterest right?

Native people are very creative and excellent artist.  It is pure art and one of kind creations. Cradleboards, mossbags, or whatever they create its not something that’s mass produced. It is done with good intentions and prayers and songs. The individuality is so unique.

I’m so amazed at all this bead work.



These are heirloom pieces. Not something you find at Wal Mart or Macy’s or any department store.

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Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono






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