Dry Heat

Heat is heat, dry wet whatever. Excessive heat is killer. Don’t know how they handled it back in the day before A/C was invented.

I could bitch and moan about the weather but it ain’t gonna change jack. Ya’just gotta deal with it. Bitching & moaning just adds to the discomfort of being uncomfortable. Just stay inside.


Or you could run from your A/C home to your A/C car then to the A/C store/mall.


I think excessive heat is a sign of climate change. Then again there’s a difference between climate and weather; but you know what, its all related! Can’t have one without the other.


If you are out in the heat, be vigilant, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You know what, just stay inside.


To me, you should always get to cooler air, then you wont have to experience heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Stay hydrated!





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono



One thought on “Dry Heat

  1. I rememba when I first wen move to da mainland. Da heat was terrible, almost 100°, and I was dying in it. Dis one mainland wahine wen tell me, “Oh, but you don’t feel the heat like you do in Hawai’i.” Ha. Nomo trade winds foa cool me off. So nemmine about dry heat. Stay 102° hea today, and nomo trades eedah.



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