We never got spanked; we got “dirty lickenings.” LOL

I can laugh about it now, but at the time of the ass whooping I was crying like hell. As an adult I’ve always wondered, “where was social services when we was kids??”


Its true that times have changed. But brattyass children are still bratty ass children. I would have never ever acted or spoke to my parents the way I see & hear kids do today.  If my kids had pulled that shit with me in public, I would drag their ass to the car & go home and they knew it. Now that my kids are parents they understand why I did what I did, they know I  would so pinch them. I still do. LOL They know if I’m within reach and they get “stupid” I will pinch them. Now as adults, its more playful though. LOL


All kids are different. My parent didn’t go by that. If you were in the same room as the misbehaved person, you must have contributed to it or you did not stop it; therefore you are guilty. Being the middle child, I got it both ways. WTH I’m older I should know better I should of stopped IT, whatever IT was. I should know better. I always wondered what that meant. Better then what? I did it because that’s what I do and….. LOL

As an adult I figured out I was “attentions deficit-ish” back then it was called, “why don’t you listen?!” I listened, I heard it but sometimes it didn’t register the way it does the way it would with other children.  So I just did what I did and evidently that was the wrong option. LOL

As an adult and a parent, I understood that not all kids are the same when it comes to discipline. With my 3stooges; the first one you could just talk to & she got it – she’s my good baby, very easy going and does good things. #2 you had talk to then reinforce it with spankings, and my son, you had to hit first and talk second.


Was advised by DH to put the fear of God into the Boy because he is going to grow way bigger then me. So I did just that. AND I threatened him with bodily harm, weapons, and tag team. He understand those terms. I told him I would wait till he’s asleep and beat him with the broom. He argued I couldn’t do that, blah blah blah. I argued, Test me? It came a time when I couldn’t use my had to slap that child in the butt. It hurt my hand. So I would pick up the broom and that child would run. As a grown man now, I will pick up the broom and stare at him and he’ll say “now what?” LOL

Spanking is a personal choice. One that too many people don’t choose. When hearing a brat child having a tantrum in WalMart, I’m always the first person to say “will someone beat child.” Yeah yeah yeah there’s a difference between discipline and abuse. If you took care of it at home, it shouldn’t happen in public. Just saying….






Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono