Going Gray

Truth be told I’ve always been semi gray. I learned the women in our family gray early. Oh is that why I’ve colored my hair regularly? Duh!

So I always say I’m not gonna color my hair then I pick up some hair color at WalMart. Or if I’m feeling rich I go to hair salon. I’ve just done it so regularly, its like that’s what I’m suppose to do.

My sister’s hair is past the gray phase its white. Its uniformed white, ok all white. It looks platinum blondish white. So I was like I want my hair to come out like that. She asked me, “Do you color your hair?” Yes! “Stop coloring your hair. Duh?”


I’ve always had this sorta kinda white streak on the right side, sometimes on the left too. My horns. LOL I always say I’m not gonna color my hair then I dance at a Festival once a year and 2 weeks before the the performance I color my hair.

So this year I’ve decided not to color my hair. Now I’m at that awkward in between time where you can see I’ve not colored my hair for at least 2 inches. 🙂 You can see the salt & pepperness. If not for the “brown” color I know it would look “distinguished. ” LOL

Why is it when men start to go salt & pepper, they look distinguished. But when women or I go salt & peppery, it looks drabby. Perception? Vanity? All of thee above!

My Grandma had long down to her ass hair, all silver, gray, white and pretty. So that’s kind of what I want. Emphasis on the long. My hair doesn’t grow. I think its all the treatment, reg meds, radiation, nuke meds and a vitamin D deficiency that hinders it.

I see car loads of Grandmas with short permed blue hair. You know what I mean. I’ve never wanted, neither do I aspire to short permed white blue hair.  Especially the short part. Maybe cause my idea of Grandma, is my long haired Grandma huh?

I’m kind of looking forward to the stripping away of young brown color and see what underneath the chemical induced youth. LOL


I am looking forward to shining bright like a diamond. Maybe its all the chemicals that have hindered the growth. So less chemicals perhaps more growth? Hmmm we’ll see.





Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


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