At A Lost For Words

Been wanting to write since this morning. I know if I just write to be writing the writing comes. But I’m also distracted by other things. So I went and do other things. Then I came back and looked at the white screen. Then the light bulb went off in my head: Pinterest! Aaaannnndddd I got nothing…. Don’t think these count as writing but I was thinking it.




I’ve always thought something was wrong with me, always thought I needed therapy but who can afford and I really don’t want to talk to a stranger. Friends are the best shrinks, they just tell you how much of a dufus you are. LOL Anyways writing has always been therapy for me. Free therapy that’s how I roll.





Be blessed (\O/)

Malama pono


One thought on “At A Lost For Words

  1. I do both. Private journal and my bloggie. Sometimes I get writer’s block…so I need to get past that by writing small kine every day.

    And if u like, I get tell u you’re a dufus… but moa betta I call u friend.




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